Dec. 4, 2007 SVEC Future Women Engineers

SVEC logo.jpgBeitler Steve copy.jpgCampbell Bridget copy.jpgCollins Leslie copy.jpgFong David copy.jpgGuest Lynn copy.jpgHeller Ester copy.jpgLeeAnn Lang copy.jpgLicata Dave copy.jpgMadison Shannon copy.jpgOMalley Dan copy.jpgPatterson Marthe copy.jpgRodrigues Peter copy.jpgShung Bernard copy.jpgWei Jennifer copy.jpg

On December 4, 2007 at the Tech Museum’s in San Jose there was a summit to encourage a new generation of women engineers. Text stolen from We are facing some daunting engineering problems over the next century and will need make the most of everyone’s abilities. The important message is that anyone can learn and master the principles of engineering.

Lots of heavy hitters were putting forth ideas and projects to get more young people interested in carrers in math and science. I think it was the first time I had seen all of these people and organizations in the same room.

Agilent: Steve Beitler

Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE-USA): Bernard Shung and David Fong

Bechtel Group: Marthe Patterson and LeeAnn Lang

Future City: Dan O’Malley

Google: Shannon Madison and Bridget Campbell

IBM: Lynn Guest and Peter Rodriguez

Lockheed Martin: Dave Licata

MentorNet: Carol Muller

National Engineers Week Foundation: Leslie Collins

SVEC: Elise Englehart and Felicita Saiez

Tech Bridge: Jennifer Wei and Laura Enmann

12-04-07 SVEC crowd copy.jpg

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