Nov. 16, 2007 SDF Cybercrime

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On November 16, 2007 at Cooley Godward Kronish LLP in Palo Alto SDForum presented “Security and Storage: Opportunities and Challenges in the New World of Storage”. How do you secure data over a network when you are outsourcing or virtualizing your storage?

I hesitate to write about security issues because I don’t want the bad guys to learn anything. Of course, the bad guys know these things anyway so I have to tell people what the good guys are doing to stop it.

Security events are very mysterious affairs. You will be at an unrelated event and someone will come and ask if you would be interested in moderating a panel. An e-mail from someone else will confirm your interest. Someone else will call you at the last minute and reschedule for a different place and time. You will arrive at building you’ve never been in before and walk into a room full of people from all over the world who deal with security. It’s a flash mob for very careful people.
As globalization continues data is spread around the world. It is as vulnerable as any military supply line to attack. To keep the data and related commerce moving, security measures must move faster than the bandits can overcome it.
Ames Cornish, SDForum Security SIG Chair and Board of Directors, and Founder of Montebello Partners introduced keynote speaker Archie Reed, Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard. An expert in Identity Management, he talked about protecting data from privacy breaches, professional cyber crime organizations and counterfeiting. We need to protect not just access or the network but the data itself by encrypting all of it.

I moderated the first panel. My main concern was that everyone get a chance to get their point across and do it in the time available. I was lucky to have a great panel with Betty Cardiel, Information Security Service Manager of Softtek, Satchit Dokras, Managing Director at Auriga-MC, Chris Gladwin, Chairman & CTO at Cleversafe and Arshad Noor, CEO at StrongAuth. There was quite a spirited discussion about the state of secure storage: outsourcing, archiving, encryption, key management, authentication, access and virtualization.

Grant Fondo, Partner of Cooley, Godward Kronish moderated the second panel with Asheem Chandna, Partner at Greylock, Vispi Daver, Partner at Sierra Ventures, and Scott Carter, VP of Sales and Business Development at Digital Ocular Networks. They talked about the potential winners in the field and what they are looking for as they develop their portfolio of companies.

As long as people want to protect their data, there will be investment opportunities to protect it.

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