Nov. 15, 2007 STC Tim Bombosch Web 2.0

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On Thursday, November 15, 2007 at the TechMart in Santa Clara STC Silicon Valley Chapter hosted Tim Bombosch’s presentation “Podcasts and Wikis and Blogs, Oh My! What Web 2.0 Means for Technical Communicators”. It was a watershed presentation that didn’t use a single bullet and dealt with the major challenges facing technical communicators today.

Bombosch thinks Web 2.0 is a concept without a definition. He thinks of it as wikis and blogs, collective intelligence, multidirectional communication. I think of Web 2.0 as replacing the middleman with middleware. The day of the staff writer or generalist is over. The day of the specialist who works on a three month project are here. Writers must be managers, marketers, media producers and database developers. Work will be more about the relationships you build with people and data than just documentation.

Highly recommended if you get the chance to see him.

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