Oct. 22, 2007 SDF Virtual Reality

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On October 22, 2007 at Pillsbury Winthrop in Palo Alto SDForum’s Virtual SIG held a panel discussion on last week’s Virtual Worlds Conference in San Jose. Moderated by Bob Ketner of Studio SFO, the panel consisted of IBM’s Doug McDavid and David Kamalsky, E Frontier’s Uli Klumpp and Steve Yatson, Forterra’s Lisa Kusomoto and Second Life’s Glenn Fisher.

I recommend listening to the podcast put together by Bob Ketner at www.studiosfo.com. If you look at the pictures below, keep in mind that Bob appears green because of the video projector.

The most interesting moment of the night was Bob Ketner unwrapping a figure brought from China by Project Tangram’s David Li. It was like watching Humphrey Bogart unwrap the Maltese Falcon. It was a physical representation of an avatar. The questions it raises are many. Do you control the image of your avatar? How much do you charge for someone using your image?

Henrik Bennetsen of Stanford and Damon Hernandez of Web 3D participated in discussions at the event.

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