Oct. 11, 2007 SDF Virtual Worlds 2

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On October 11, 2007 SDForum participated in the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo in San Jose. Here are some pictures from the event.

I have lots of pictures to process and people to talk about over the next few days. I want to thank everyone for being so darn nice. Pound for pound it was a pretty smart crowd.

I even have nice things to say about Microsoft’s Virtual Earth. Dur Kimchi put together a spinning zooming virtual tour of downtown San Jose that gave me a headache and new admiration for Redmond. My only concern is that I don’t know if I have to load Vista to use it.

Pictures below. They are a bit blurred due to the animation.

10-11-07 MS VR SJ6 copy.jpg10-11-07 MS VR SJ5 copy.jpg10-11-07 MS VR SJ4 copy.jpg10-11-07 MS VR SJ3 copy.jpg10-11-07 MS VR SJ2 copy.jpg10-11-07 MS VR SJ1 copy.jpg

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