Oct. 10, 2007 SDF Virtual Worlds 1

SDForum copy.jpg10-10-07 VR4 copy.jpg

On October 10, 2007 SDForum participated in the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo in San Jose. Here are some early pictures from the event.

One of the reasons I don’t particpate in Virtual Reality is that I can’t fit into a suit like the one below at the Icarus booth.

10-10-07 VR4 copy.jpg10-10-07 VR3 copy.jpg
Jack Ives demonstrating Cyber Extruder. Notice it gives his beard a trim.

10-10-07 VR6 copy.jpg

Planet 9 takes GoogleMaps to the next level.

10-10-07 VR5 copy.jpg

Do investors dream of Electric Sheep? They better start.

10-10-07 VR9 copy.jpg

Multiverse multitasking.

10-10-07 VR8 copy.jpg

IBM had a booth, or did they? Maybe it was all projected on a blue screen.
10-10-07 VR7 copy.jpg

Why are professional video cameras still so big? Is it to impress people?

10-10-07 VR2 copy.jpg

Is this who I think it is?
10-10-07 VR1 copy.jpg

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