Oct. 4, 2007 Fairchild 50th Anniversary Part 2

fairchildlogo copy.jpg10-04-07 dollar copy1.jpg

Here are pictures of the early days at Fairchild courtesy of Leslie Berlin.

The first dollar signed by the Traitorous Eight.

10-04-07 dollar copy1.jpg

The group before leaving Shockley.

10-04-07 fairchild3 copy1.jpg
Shockley’s note on the historic event “group resigns”.

10-04-07 fairchild4 copy1.jpg

The group after leaving Shockley.

10-04-07 fairchild5 copy1.jpg

This picture is a scene replayed over the next fifty years. A Silicon Valley engineer tries to explain some device to an East Coast business executive. The expression on the engineer’s face says “You have no clue what I’m talking about, but this gadget helps keep you riding around in that limousine waiting outside.”
10-04-07 fairchild6 copy.jpg
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