I Know Jack: LavaCon 2007

PS-LavaCon-logos.jpg Molisani Jack x copy.jpg

I’m talking about Jack Molisani of ProSpring and organizer of LavaCon. It is the event to learn about the latest advances in technical communication and project management.

Jack is a big supporter of STC and hires many of its members. Every October a fair number of them attend LavaCon and come back with funny stories and great ideas for work.

Not many people know this but the first LavaCon was in New Orleans. While most of the subsequent events were held in Hawaii, this year it is back in the Big Easy. If you want to help a city get back on its feet and help yourself at the same time, check out LavaCon October 27–30.

I can’t think of a better reason to be in New Orleans on Halloween.


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