Sept. 14, 2007 SDF Denmark

SDForum copy.jpgAgno Helle copy.jpgAndersen Lene copy.jpgJensen Anders copy.jpgJorgensen Lars copy.jpgMurphy Sean copy.jpgSanderson Sandy copy.jpgSullivan Kirsten 2 copy.jpgSkov Liv copy.jpgToftegaard Marrianne face.jpg

On September 14, 2007 SDForum headquarters hosted an event to help start-ups. It was coordinated with the Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley.

Among those at the event were Helle Agno, Ed Buckingham, Lene Andersen, Anders Jensen, Lars Jorgensen, Sean Murphy, Sandy Sanderson, Ole Schneider and Liv Skov, Kirsten Sullivan and Marianne Toftgaard Poulsen.

09-14-07 Denmark1 copy.jpg

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