Sept. 6, 2007 SDF Social Networking and Mobile Devices

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On September 6, 2007 at ACCESS Systems in Santa Clara SDForum’s Mobile Internet SIG hosted by Joe Jasin introduced Steve Granek of Neustar and John Kesler of Fonherd to talk about social networking and mobile phone services.

Steve Granek talked about Neustar’s management of the back-end of telecommunications. Did you know that the ultimate authority for phone numbers is the State Department? The same people in charge of our foreign policy are in charge of your phone number. They have to abide by international standards so a person in this country can call someone anywhere in the world. Neustar helps manage this as well as Local Number Portability (LNP) inside the United States.

Managing traditional voice communication among competing phone companies is now more complicated with the rise of digital services such as text messaging, browsing and streaming video. The original telecom system lacks the flexible infrastructure of IP addresses developed for the Internet. A signal from one mobile device has to be interpreted by the network and recognized by the receiving device as a voice call, text message or some as yet unknown service.

If a manufacturer makes a phone with a new service that is only offered by a particular cell phone company, only those select customers can use that service. If a customer cannot share that service with someone outside that network, that device and service may be underutilized or abandoned for a device with more common services. In telecom, a network is only as a good as its lowest common denominator, voice. To raise the bar, Granek is encouraging the R&D experts in Silicon Valley to develop new industry standards for these new services to interoperate.

John Kesler talked about Fonherd’s services to manage multiple digital identities. More people have more than one phone number or e-mail address and Kesler showed how to integrate various digital identities and still maintain control and privacy.

Also attending were Aysha Austin, Moti Barkan, Jeffrey Black, Ardy Forouhar, Joe Jasin, Chris Larson, John Lin, Victor Shao, Mark Trinh, Peter Trinh, and Chuck Wilde.

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