STC International Competition

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At last week’s STC Schmooze, Richard Matesoian displayed the winners of last year’s STC International Competition. Anyone interested in participating in this year’s local competition is urged to contact him before the September 21, 2007 deadline at
The displayed winners are below.

STC 2006 Corp Capabilities.jpg
2006 Corporate Capabilities Brochure
Submitted by Pat Wright

STC Baylor Univ copy.jpg

Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings
Submitted by Cindy Orticio, William Roberts MD and Beverly Peters

STC Boeing Business copy.jpg

Boeing Business Jets Overview
Submitted by John Thonssen, Matt Wardian, Ed Turner and Doug Yamada

STC Brooks Range copy.jpg

Brooks-Range All-in-one Tool (Best of Show)
Submitted by Jan Johnston-Tyler

STC Cardnials Stadium copy.jpg

Cardinals Stadium Retractable Field Operation and Maintenance Manual
Submitted by Beth Frampton

STC ChemMatters copy.jpg

ChemMatters Magazine
Submitted by Carl E. Heltzel, Corinthia Harris and Terri Taylor

STC Cisco Network copy.jpg

Cisco Network Registrar User’s Guide Release 6.2.1
Submitted by Lorraine Sharon, Bert Gassman, Susan Sarkes and Lynn Dalton

STC Everett Factory copy.jpg

Everett Factory Tour
Submitted by Faye Lomax, Ellen Whitford and Elizabeth Hayes

STC Geology SF copy.jpg

The Geology of the San Francisco Bay Region
Submitted by Jenny Wapner, Doris Slogan and John Karachewski

STC Humana Active copy.jpg

Humana Active Outlook
Submitted by Chris Negelein and Bill Wax

STC Inside Cell copy.jpg

Inside the Cell
Submitted by Alisa Zapp Machalek, Kristie Saltzman and Alison Davis

STC Murdock Groundwater copy.jpg

Murdock Groundwater Cleanup Project: Signage and Visitors Guide
Submitted by Floyd C. Bennett, Michele M. Nelson, Karen Haugen and Patricia Weiskersheimer

STC XillPlus copy.jpg

XillPlus User Guide
Submitted by Mary Moran, Donna Jones, Jeff Rufenacht and Carla Martinek
STC Zebra RFID copy.jpg

Zebra RFID Programming Guide
Submitted by Mary Moran, Donna Jones and Tony Brown

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