Aug. 14, 2007 ITAA US Army Kevin Carroll

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On August 14, 2007 at the Santa Clara Network Meeting Center the SDForum and ITAA hosted the US Army’s Kevin Carroll. He is the Program Executive Officer for Enterprise Information Systems based in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. He was introduced by ITAA’s Carol Henton and Trey Hodgkins.

The US Army has great demand and limited resources for IT. The war in Iraq and elsewhere is diverting funds from the introduction or expansion of new technologies.

Unlike the US Air Force, the Army uses more SAP than Oracle. It still uses Microsoft XP rather than Vista. It does not use much in the way of Linux or Apple Macintosh OS. Its equipment must be hardened and not compromised by potential rivals or enemies. This may increase cost or complicate sourcing for computer products from around the world.

Opportunities for military applications exist for social networking and wireless technologies. Start-ups should partner with larger established defense contractors to get their ideas heard and implemented. It helps if you have a large established commercial customer base. The Army likes alternatives if your company goes out of business. You should be a success before you walk in their door.

Also attending were Bill Baldridge, Andre Barbe, James Dougherty, John Goos, Kevin Hague, Vince Hutson, Glenn Kesselman, Bill Morrow, Steven Neel, Dan Tomajan, Tetsuo Urano, Tim Wallace, and Joseph Zott.

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