July 25, 2007 STC Stephanie Bryant


Stephanie Bryant is stepping down as Reservations Manager of the Silicon Valley Manager. She didn’t want more “stuff”. She asked for pictures of the STC members she has served so well. Here they are. People who say you can’t take it with you don’t know what to pack. In any journey, all roads lead to you.
Ames Andrea face1.jpgBisso James copy.jpgBlackwell Billy face1.jpgBryant Stephanie face.jpgCaldwell Susan face.jpgChen Ingfei face.jpgDavis Andrew face.jpgDoherty Colleen copy.jpgDoornbos Daniel face.jpgGrey Joanne 2 copy3.jpgHaas Guy 2 copy2.jpgHarvey Pat 2 face1.jpgHawley Todd face1.jpgLim Nathaniel copy1.jpgMaki Viki face1.jpgMalin Joe 2 face.jpgMichaels Bruce face1.jpgMolisani Jack.jpgSampath Revathi 2 face1.jpgRoberts Bruce face.jpgRuff Naomi face.jpgRussak Hillary face.jpgSampson Fred face.jpgStewart Connie face1.jpgTung Wendy copy1.jpgWessling Mimi face.jpgWilson Anne face.jpg

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