June 7, 2007 SDF Mobile Social Networking

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June 7, 2007, at Accenture in Palo Alto, SDForum SDForum’s Mobile Internet SIG hosted “Mobile Social Networking: Beyond Voice and SMS”. Mario Tapia of Danger, Inc. hosted a panel with Ben Keighran of BluePulse, John Poisson of Tiny Pictures / Radar and Evan Tana of Loopt. They discussed the social and technological forces driving business growth and demonstrated their new services.

Ben Keighran started Bluepulse five years ago in Sydney and is now based in San Bruno.
He developed a standard platform for publishing and consuming content on mobile devices called Bluepulse 2.0. It works on any data-enabled mobile networks, anywhere in the world, including Java MIPD1, MIDP2 and Symbian platforms. Two weeks after release in 2006, it had five million page views and a quarter of a million active subscribers, mostly in their teens and twenties.

John Poisson started Tiny Pictures and now Radar to make mobile devices the real personal computers. They are always on and always with you. He showed how you could use the cameras to keep in touch with your friends by sharing cell phone photos. He showed how a conversation with friends started a trend for iced coffee at Starbucks.

Evan Tana started out at Stanford and went to Digital Chocolate developing mobile games. Tana is now at Loopt, a startup backed by Sequoia and NEA, developing a social mapping service to change the way people use mobile phones to keep in touch with friends.

Also at the event were Michael Bergen, Marc Blinder, Jerome Calvo, Ron Fredericks, Mac Makhni, Jordy Mont-Reynaud, Heidi Pollock, Nadaradjane Ramat, Bruce Schechter, Mario Tapia and Luke Wilson.

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