June 20, 2007 SDF Visionary Awards 6

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On June 20, 2007, Heidi Roizen hosted the SDForum’s 2007 Visionary Awards, given to pioneers leading the way in high technology. Here are more VIP group shots.

The Awards and Visionaries Craig O. McCaw, Ann Winblad, Dan’l Lewin, Walter Mossberg, Trip Hawkins, together on one stage.
06-20-07 group 4.jpg

The Visionaries Dan’l Lewin, Walter Mossberg, Trip Hawkins, Dave Evans kicking back.

06-20-07 group 5.jpg

The Visionaries in front of Heidi Roizen’s library wall.
06-20-07 group lib3.jpg

SDForum’s former Executive Directors Laura Merling, Sandy Herz and current Executive Director Susan Lucas-Conwell.

06-20-07 SDF ED2.jpg

The SDForum staff who make it happen.

06-20-07 SDF staff.jpg

Nathan Myhrvold, Susan Rasinski-McCaw the US Ambassador to Austria, Craig O. McCaw and some other guy. Make sure D.L. is sitting down when she sees this.
06-20-07 Mcaws2.jpg

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