June 20, 2007 SDF Visionary Awards 3

SDForum copy.jpgAiken Andrew face1.jpgAlvino Nicole copy.jpgAsmundson Phil copy.jpgAthas Jeannine copy1.jpgBaker Ed copy.jpgBerg Chuck copy.jpgBrown Claudia copy.jpgByrd Gary copy.jpgClark Don copy.jpgCunningham John copy.jpgDevere Laura copy.jpgDunne Jonathan copy.jpgDraper Bill copy2.jpgEvans Dave copy.jpgFaller Laura copy.jpgFeng Jay copy.jpgForemski Tom copy.jpgFruchterman Jim copy.jpgGannes Stuart copy.jpgGoldman Shai copy.jpgGrimes Spencer copy.jpgHardy Quentin copy.jpgHawkins Bill copy.jpgHawkins Gus copy.jpgHawkins Lisa copy.jpgHawkins Trip copy.jpgHedges Joseph copy.jpgHoffman Reed copy.jpgHerz Sandy 2 copy.jpgHommels Klaus copy.jpgHoward Matt copy.jpgJacobsen Mark copy.jpgJhinghran Anant copy.jpgJohnson Chris copy.jpgJohnson Kathy copy.jpgKagen Noah 2 copy.jpgKopolovitz Kay copy.jpgLalwani Mahesh copy.jpgLambert Edward copy.jpgLevie Aaron 2 copy.jpgLewin Danl copy.jpgLin Arthur copy.jpgLin Arthur copy1.jpgLucas Conwell Susan31.jpgLussier Jim copy.jpgMcCaw Craig copy.jpgMerling Laura face1.jpgMoritz Michael copy.jpgMossberg Walter copy.jpgMyhrvold Nathan copy.jpgOrellana Jesus copy.jpgRadcliffe Mark face1.jpgRasinski McCaw Susan copy.jpgReid Clifford copy.jpgRock Brad copy.jpgRoizen Heidi copy2.jpgRosa Jennifer copy.jpgSavage Bakari copy.jpgSchloter Philipp copy.jpgSchubarth Cromwell copy.jpgSears Robert copy.jpgSeligsohn Erika copy.jpgSimon Robert copy.jpgSmith Megan copy.jpgSood Rakesh copy.jpgSwisher Kara 2 copy.jpgTakahashi Dean copy.jpgTaylor Jacob copy.jpgWinarsky Peter copy.jpgWladawsky Irving face1.jpgWinblad Ann copy2.jpgWolf Michael copy.jpgWong Nicole copy.jpgYoler Laurie copy.jpg

On June 20, 2007, Heidi Roizen hosted the SDForum’s 2007 Visionary Awards, given to pioneers leading the way in high technology. I’ll write more about this event over the next few days. but here are pictures of the people at the event. Executive Director Susan Lucas-Conwell welcomed this year’s guests and awardees. Dave Evans introduced Trip Hawkins. The Honorable Susan Rasinski McCaw introduced Craig O. McCaw. Dan’l Lewin of Microsoft introduced Michael Moritz. Kara Swisher introduced Walter S. Mossberg.

Some of the people who attended were Andrew Aiken, Nicole Alvino, Phil Asmundson, Jeannine Athas, Ed Baker, Claudia Brown, Gary Byrd, Don Clark, John Cunningham, Laura Devere, Jonathan Dunne, Bill Draper, Dave Evans, Laura Faller, Jay Feng, Tom Foremski, Jim Fruchterman, Stuart Gannes, Shai Goldman, Spencer Grimes, Quentin Hardy, Bill Hawkins, Gus Hawkins, Lisa Hawkins, Trip Hawkins, Joseph Hedges, Reed Hoffman, Sandy Herz, Klaus Hommels, Matt Howard, Mark Jacobsen, Anant Jhinghran, Chris Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Noah Kagen, Kay Kopolovitz, Mahesh Lalwani, Edward Lambert, Aaron Levie, Danl Lewin, Arthur Lin, Susan Lucas Conwell, Jim Lussier, Craig McCaw, Laura Merling, Michael Moritz, Walter Mossberg, Nathan Myhrvold, Jesus Orellana, Mark Radcliffe, Susan Rasinski McCaw, Clifford Reid, Brad Rock, Heidi Roizen, Jennifer Rosa, Bakari Savage, Philipp Schloter, Cromwell Schubarth, Robert Sears, Erika Seligsohn, Robert Simon, Megan Smith, Rakesh Sood, Kara Swisher, Dean Takahashi, Jacob Taylor, Peter Winarsky, Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Ann Winblad, Michael Wolf, Nicole Wong, and Laurie Yoler.
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