June 15, 2005 SDF Visionary Awards 1

SDForum copy.jpgAthas Jeannine copy1.jpgBetz Carol copy1.jpgDraper Bill copy2.jpgFiorina Carly copy2.jpgMcNealy Scott copy1.jpgOzzie Ray copy2.jpgRockowitz Sandy copy2.jpgRoizen Heidi copy3.jpgSonsini Larry copy2.jpgWinblad Ann copy2.jpg

Every year the SDForum gives Visionary Awards to pioneers leading the way in high technology. Some of the people who attended in 2005 were Jeanine Athas, Carol Betz, Bill Draper, Carly Fiorina, Scott McNealy, Ray Ozzie, Sandy Rockowitz, Heidi Roizen, Larry Sonsini and Ann Winblad.

For me, their advice has been priceless.

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