May 23, 2007 SDF Teen Tech 3: College

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On Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at the Hewlett-Packard Auditorium in Palo Alto, SDForum presented “Next Generation Tech: Teens Plugged In!” This is part three of a series on teens and technology focusing on the college students.

Jasmine France, an editor and writer for CNET, moderated a panel of college students from Berkeley, Stanford, Santa Clara University, UC Santa Cruz. They discussed teens and technology. FaceBook again trumps MySpace as a socializing app. They carry high-end cell phones and iPods, but are looking at convergence devices like the iPhone. They pay for music or listen to Internet radio. They use a wider variety of PDAs for e-mail and text messaging and like dedicated devices for their simplicity. They want rugged devices with long battery life and full keyboards. They want open source software on mobile devices. Given a choice, nobody uses a landline telephone.

Preet Anand is a biological engineering major from Santa Clara University and writer with experience in medical outsourcing. He is not crazy about all-in-one devices because losing one would be like losing a girlfriend.

Ross Dakin is graduating Santa Clara University and will be working for LiveOps. President of the SCU Engineering and Business Alliance he already runs his own consulting company. In his experience, surfing the web on a cell phone does not always work.

Joe DiPasquale, David Gobaud and Josh Liptzin are all majoring in computer science at Stanford and and co-founder of They are all co-founders of an organizing and socializing company.

Daniel Fukuba and Eric Vicenti are founders of Composite Labs. Daniel Fukuba builds robots. His battle bot MaxWedge was national champion for three years. He works with Paly robotics and helps out with the MIT Lemellson project. Eric Vicenti has extensive knowledge of consumer electronics and now applies it to robotics.

Kyle Jessen a junior at Santa Clara University and a finance major and works with the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He currently is an analyst at a global finance firm and likes Blackberries. If you lose it you can reload your e-mail and preference easily. He wants speed and performance.

Vikram Mahal studies biology at Berkeley and works for the Triple Helix, a medical journal. He thinks that GPS navigation or mapping is a killer app for mobile devices. He is concerned about companies gathering information about potential employees. HR professionals look at online profiles like FaceBook as much as at resumes.
Kalvin Wang is a junior at Stanford. He is founder of Gumball Capital, a micro-lending company. He is astounded by how pervasive FaceBook has become and how much information people divulged online.

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