May 17, 2007 SDF Bob Shatz Agile Infusion

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On May 17, 2007, at SAP in Palo Alto, SDForum’s SEM SIG hosted Bob Shatz of Agile Infusion to talk about the facts of work and living with power and politics. You have more power than you realize and can make changes by recognizing and cooperating with the power of others.

Shatz got his computer science degree at Temple and went to work at GE Aerospace, Liquent, Primavera and Solstice before starting Agile Infusion. He helps leaders improve the performance of software development projects.

Most people think when we win it is because of leadership, when we lose it is because of politics. Shatz thinks politics is a practice of mature compromises to get results.

He set up what he calls the Monkey Business game. People organize into teams and each is given a set of monkeys. The first team to get a monkey of every color wins. My team consisted of John Delaney, Bill Grosso, Sue Shreve, Jean Ueng and Kimberly Wiefling. I took group pictures and we all hugged like on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I won’t reveal the winning strategy, but we won in about thirty seconds. I think we were so supposed to take longer, but this is Silicon Valley and we are used to being thrown to together in small teams to accomplish a task.

I’m always trying to find better ways of working with people and Shatz makes some good points. I recommend you go listen to him.

Chris Sims also attended.

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