May 9, 2007 SDF NeuroSky

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On May 9, 2007 SDF Emerging Technology SIG hosted NeuroSky to demonstrate neuro-driven applications. The team consisted of CEO Stanley Yang, CTO KooHoung Lee and Manager for Applications Systems Johnny Liu.

Neuro-driven applications allow users to “think” their instructions by extracting EEG and other neurological signals. These waveforms are converted by software and then translated into action by hardware.

Stanley Yang said NeuroSky is different than other brain scan companies. Rather than try to create a helmet of sensors that make you look like an electrified Rastafarian, they try to measure brain waves with just one sensor. Their units look like phone headsets with one stalk that touches your forehead. Competitors try to sell a few products for thousands of dollars. NeuroSky aims to sell millions of units for less than twenty dollars a piece.

The applications run from marketing to national security. No more asking customers to fill out surveys, the machine will know what they thought. Lie detectors are more accurate. The Israelis are using it to profile terrorists. Since the sensor has to be in physical contact, I assume they attach it to ten-foot pole and poke their suspects in the head with it.

Johnny Liu demonstrated his ability to control his emotions while projecting the biofeedback on the screen. He also showed a virtual reality game where he could lift furniture and even cars just by thinking. It was like watching a telekinetic demolition derby. Later, members of the audience got to try lifting virtual objects with their minds.

For me the greatest product was hinted at but not demonstrated. One of their clients is developing a product that allows you to type without a keyboard. I know lots of writers with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries that would love to have that. Until then, I’ll have to hammer these words out the old fashioned way.


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