Mar. 27, 2007 SDF Josh Jaffe, The Deal

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Company Jam for Platform 2.0

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Josh Jaffe of The Deal moderated a company jam, a series of speed demos by bleeding edge companies.

Castelein Jep copy.jpg
Jep Castelein of Backbase demonstrated an RIA that goes beyond the traditional three layer approaches of data tiers with XML databases, logic tiers with .NET, J2EE or SOAP, and presentation tiers with AJAX. Backbase has a presentation tier tool that is already adopted by everyone from Abbot Laboratories to Vanguard Investments.

Ursino Michele copy.jpg
Michele Ursino of Foldier Inc. allows users to aggregate data gathered over the web no matter what the source.

Anuff Ed copy.jpg
Ed Anuff of Widgetbox an online gallery of widgets for blogs and other web pages. It works on TypePad, WordPress, Blogger and others.

Drummond Mark copy.jpg
Mark Drummond and Joshua Levy of Sourcemix a new -based programming environment for collaboratively building Web applications and services.

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