Mar. 27, 2007 SDF Luis Polanco, Adobe

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Luis Polanco is Senior Apollo Product Manager for Adobe’s new free runtime called Apollo. Just released as an alpha version, Apollo is a cross-operating runtime that allows developers to build and deploy desktop Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Apollo allows developers to go beyond the limitations of the typical browser to build applications with learning native code. A web app can run offline and behave like a desktop app no matter what operating system is running.

He showed examples of Apollo working with eBay so buyers and sellers can have a customized interface to better keep track of purchases. They can even create and upload their own commercials of what they are trying to sell without switching apps.

Apollo makes it possible to develop a sophisticated app without ever learning or using Java. It provides APIs for HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Flex or Flash. Not only that, Adobe plans for Apollo to run on mobile devices to provide the same apps on any platform.

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