Mar. 27, 2007 SDF Rod Smith, IBM

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Rod Smith, VP of Internet Emerging Technology at IBM talked about how their Enterprise software works with Web 2.0 platforms. IBM software services supply the infrastructure for content developers who need to move data from place to place. They use Open APIs to build and extend the Internet Service Vendor’s (ISV) ecosystem. Better user experience results in more revenue.

The major element of Web 2.0 is the rise of user-generated content is the mash-up. Users actively participate and organize their data they way they want. Users customizing their own experience must drive any company’s product development. To accommodate these users, companies need the kind of capacity IBM offers.

Developing and delivering prototypes can go much faster than traditional IT development. Smith gave an example of how the create a dashboard for AccuWeather that lead to a mash-up to supply weather information to railroads. They also help Reuters and the shipping industry process and display information about piracy on the high seas. That’s right; IBM helps fight pirates with mash-ups.

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