Mar. 27, 2007 SDF Jeff Barr, Amazon

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Jeff Barr, Senior Web Services Evangelist of Amazon, talked about their view of platforms called web-scale computing. Essentially their platform is in the clouds that you see so often in networking presentation slides.Customers want elastic capacity that adjusts to demand. They need fast response time no matter how much traffic. It should be available 24×7 and rock-solid reliable. Businesses want to pay only for the resources used and not extra capacity.

Amazon offers three services in this computing cloud. Amazon Simple Storage Service lets customers put storage in ‘the cloud’. Each object can be up to 5 GB. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud where you can rent Linux servers by the hour. Amazon Simple Queue Service is glue mechanism where you have different pieces of a process happening. It can link instance-to-instance or process-to-process in the cloud.

These services allow software developers to focus on their product or service and not on building or maintaining infrastructure. It speeds up innovation and helps build business.
Barr says there is a community of almost a quarter of million developers creating applications for Amazon to support this platform.

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