Mar. 27, 2007 SDF Jeff Nolan, Teqlo

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Jeff Nolan, formerly of SAP and now CEO at Teqlo, helps users build the applications to do their jobs. Employees don’t do business processes. They do tasks. Teqlo snaps together personal applications from widgets on a web desktop. This is basically an application exchange where users can find what they need or share what they build. A user should be able to integrate web applications for sales leads, scheduling, databases, documents, mail, spreadsheets and finance. If you are using a clipboard to transfer data from app to app, Teqlo can help by adapting RSS technology to move data from widget to widget. Users drag and drop applications instead of crunching code.

Nolan demonstrated the Teqlo user interface or mash-up. In the upper left corner was a window or scratch pad of web applications or widgets. Other windows were applications like Google Calendar, Yahoo Pipes, eBay and Linked-In. Users can schedule an event, make a purchase or notify his contacts on one screen. Users can develop their own web applications and make them available to others.

How does this make money? Google has advertising. Amazon has e-commerce. EBay has auctions. has Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Teqlo looks for opportunities to integrate the strategies of ads, commerce, auctions and CRM. Teqlo gives vendors the chance to monetize their API through licensing.

Essentially users are picking and choosing their own applications off the web, driving software development from the ground up. Teqlo understands the grassroots adoption of web apps and how it will percolate from users all the way up to enterprise systems.

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