Mar. 27, 2007 SDF Dave Nielsen, StrikeIron

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On Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at the Network Meeting Center in Santa Clara SDForum held an Application Platforms Conference called Platform 2.0: The Next Generation.
This is part of a series of presentation summaries.

Application Platforms Ecosystem

Dave Nielsen, Director of Partner Programs of StrikeIron, moderated the first panel on the Application Platforms Ecosystem. It consisted of Richard Probst, VP Platform Ecosystem Group at SAP, Adam Gross, VP of Developer Marketing at and Adam Sah, Architect Google Gadgets at Google.

Dave Nielsen started off with defining terms. Products are software or web applications or even a component of an application like a widget. A platform is a framework to run the application, a set of capabilities or APIs that re-use components or services. A company sets up a partner ecosystem so third party developers can offer products or services to users of the platform. Applications used to run on thin clients viewed on a static browser. They now run on thin servers with the complexity running on some third party service provider. PayPal is an example of a web application that can be installed on one site and run from another. Widgets, gadgets, APIs and hybrids of hosted components are other examples.

The panel talked about users increasingly customizing their experience with web services. The results are innovative ways of displaying and understanding data like mash-ups. Recognizing this and delivering tools to users is where the money can be made. Applications that can streamline business processes are in demand. Simple portable bits of HTML that can install and run on a computer or cell phone, connected or offline can become runaway hits. All the companies have opened up their environments to encourage partner development in their ecosystems. The results are accelerated development and deployment cycles from years to days.

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