Mar. 27, 2007 SDF Charles Fitzgerald, Microsoft

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On Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at the Network Meeting Center in Santa Clara SDForum held an Application Platforms Conference called Platform 2.0: The Next Generation.
This is part of a series of presentation summaries.
Charles Fitzgerald

The first presentation was by Charles Fitzgerald, GM of Platform Strategy at Microsoft. He discussed “Software + Service = The New Platform World”. At Microsoft everything is a platform, whether it is Windows, Office or Xbox. By this definition, a platform has capabilities for customers and opportunities for companies, creating an ecosystem or community for business to take place. Platforms evolved from mainframes to client-servers to the web. If you want to understand where enterprise software is going, he recommends looking at Xbox Live. It brings Microsoft’s software, hardware and online strengths together for the user. Local software plus an online service results in a better experience like Apple’s iTunes. As time goes on there will be multi-headed experiences for using the same software services ranging from desktop to mobile devices. Applications must mesh with existing delivery standards to give users a consistent experience. Users will keep developing mash-ups in a federated mesh to create a customized experience. The key to monetization is to make subscription and transaction models easy to implement for businesses.

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