Mar. 25, 2007 Cybersalon Life After TV

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On March 25, 2007 at the Berkeley Cybersalon, Sylvia Paull hosted a panel about life after TV. The panel consisted of Andrew Keen, founder of and author of Cult of the Amateur, Mary Hodder, founder and CTO of Dabble, a video search engine, Evan Berg, senior director of Brightcove, a video distribution site and Joe Savage, president of Fiber-to-the-Home Council, a marketing organization for promoting broadband to the home.

Basically broadcast TV networks have lost so much interest and quality that they cannot compete with amateurs or cheap professional content on the Internet. While big media battles over copyright issues, viewers are bypassing the established channels and flocking to YouTube and others. Most of the panel discussion dealt with advertising revenue and how to pay for fiber optic connections to the home.
Andrew Keen played the skeptical Simon Cowell from American Idol when presented with new technology. Mary Hodder recommended viewers check out RocketBoom. Evan Berg talked about how his company helps small productions get seen. Joe Savage made a great point that with fiber connections to the house, more people work at home and don’t burn fuel in commuter traffic. Dan Farber didn’t expect the quality of content to improve with the technology. I’m paraphrasing because this is a family blog.

It was your typical Berkeley event. It even had a folk singer at the end.
Mark Finnern of the Future Salon was worried that it might not be videotaped. Not to worry, there were three cameras there. Watch the video.

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