Mar. 15. 2007 SDF Europe Part 1

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On Thursday March 15, 2007 SDForum continued to expand its global reach by hosting a meet and greet breakfast for entrepreneurs and trade representatives from Northern Ireland, Denmark, Finland. They talked about business opportunities in Silicon Valley and their respective countries with Executive Director Susan Lucas-Conwell.

Dr. Ian Graham
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Graham is CEO of Momentum, a trade association representing more than 160 IT and telecom companies in Northern Ireland. With his BSc in Electronics Engineering and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Queen’s University, Belfast, he lectured and focused research on AI. He later applied his research to real time process control for ICI and computer-controlled broadcast & test systems throughout Ford Europe. From there he helped design and develop language compiler and system software products for UNIX and Windows operating systems for UniComp. Since 2001, Graham became Software Advisor for Invest Northern Ireland, providing industry expertise, promoting investment and educating others about their software industry.

Martin Bradley
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Starting out with an MA in marketing from the University Of Ulster, Bradley is currently Managing Director of Tekjar. He is an entrepreneur and leading 3D expert with over 25 years experience in sales, marketing, management, and consulting in a variety of technology and digital media fields. He is the founder of Axis Three, a 3D software company and KMA Europe, a digital media solutions company. He is a leading figure within the Digital Media Forum and the Digital Media Association in Northern Ireland.

Annette Kildunne and Janet McBurney
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Annette Kildunne, VP Business Development and Janet McBurney, Business Development Manager represented Invest Northern Ireland, which is part of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment. They help new and existing businesses to compete internationally and attract new investment to Northern Ireland. They offer businesses a single organization for high-quality services, programs, support and expert advice for the manufacturing and tradable services sectors.

Marianne Toftgaard Poulsen
Toftegaard M.jpg
Marianne Toftgaard Poulsen of the Innovation Center Denmark (ICD) in Silicon Valley aims to get broader commercial and academic platforms for investment and development. It is one of the direct results of the Danish government’s globalization strategy in 2005 to become one of the leading knowledge based nations by 2016. To do this the ICD intends to build bridges with researchers, business and capital between Danish companies and Silicon Valley. The focus is on ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Life Science and Renewable Energy.

Sam K. Steffensen
Steffensen Sam copy.jpg
Sam K. Steffensen is Chairman CPH Design and Director of 5th & 5th UniT. After earning his PhD from Kyushu University in Japan, he became Chief Researcher at ISICS Research Center at Tokyo University. He is also the head of the leading IT Incubator in Denmark (ITV) and chairman of the board for Damptech and Smart Parts Nordic.

Jon Rortveit
Rortveit Jon copy.jpg
Jon Rortveit, CEO of Tynax, is from Finland. Tynax is a technology trading exchange. Developers can sell or out-license their technologies, corporations get to acquire new products and generate new revenue streams and customers get to enjoy a new generation of products. A developer can post a single listing or company can publish an entire catalog. Tynex offers free, premium and professional services to help technology acquirers or licensees find patents and technologies from universities, research laboratories, R&D groups and independent developers.

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