Feb. 22, 2007 SVEC Hall of Fame Awards

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On February 22, 2007 at the Hyatt Santa Clara, the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) held its engineering Hall of Fame Awards. The SVEC is an umbrella organization of every local engineering group imaginable. Every year they raise money for scholarships to encourage the next generation of technical professionals by honoring the last. It is an extraordinary moment where the past meets the future.

Peters Richard1.jpg
The master of ceremonies was Richard Peters.

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This year the keynote speaker was Dr. T.J. Rodgers, founder, president and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor. Rodgers spoke of his recent foray into solar technology.

Widrow Bernard.jpg
Bernard Widrow, a Hall of Famer himself introduced this year’s inductees.

Baran Paul.jpg
The first Hall of Fame inductee was Dr. Paul Baran, Chairman of NovoVentures. Inventor of digital packet switching during the Cold War, he described designing a system that could withstand a devastating attack and recover by routing packets through switches. This design is the same used by the Internet today.

Parkinson Brad.jpg
The second Hall of Fame inductee was Dr. Bradford W. Parkinson, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University and chief architect of GPS, Air Force NavStar. He talked about how the early specifications for Global Positioning Systems have been exceeded.

Spilker Jim.jpg
The third Hall of Fame inductee was Dr. James Spilker, Jr., Consulting Professor, Electrical Engineering &Aeronautics/Astronautics at Stanford University and Co-founder of Stanford Telecommunication. He spoke about the early days working with the Air Force and the broad applications of GPS today, from defense to consumer markets.

Adams Bill.jpgEvans Jane.jpgKailath Tom.jpgPinson Jay copy.jpgWidrow Bernard.jpg
Also in attendance were Hall of Famers from previous years like Bill Adams, Jane Evans, Thomas Kailath, Jay D. Pinson, and the aforementioned Bernard Widrow.

Engelhardt Elise.jpgMach Slava.jpgRoberts Barbara.jpgSaiez Felicita.jpg
The event could not have taken place without the hard work of SVEC volunteers like
Ed Casper, Richard Chung, Dhaval Brahmbhatt, Elise Engelhardt, Connie Fang, Prasad Gogineni, Jack Jew, Ron Kane, Edward Kaminski, Keith Krook, David Levinson, Slava Mach, Bruce MacKender, KRS Murthy, Barbara Roberts, Felicita Saiez, Manesh Shah, Bernard Widrow, Michael Wright, Russ Yarp and of course, DJ Cline.

Zhito Nina.jpg
The event was superbly photographed by Nina Zhito.

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