Nov. 16, 2006 Commonwealth Club Steve Wozniak

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On November 16, 2006 at the Santa Clara Marriot, Commonwealth Club hosted Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak. Guy Kawasaki interviewed him about his new book, iWoz.
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The big news out of Woz was that he is planning another US Festival in September 2007 at Moffet Field so start hydrating now.

I’ve already read and reviewed Wozniak’s book and recommend it. He is trying to undo years of myths and misquotes about him and Apple Computer. He is also trying to explain his philosophies on life and technology.

Guy Kawasaki tried to point out the ethical issues of building blue boxes that made free phone calls and then selling them. Considering all the luminaries in Silicon Valley currently under investigation for far worse offenses, it seemed trivial.

Wozniak has an penchant for pranks. If you want to pull off the prank of the century, Woz is the guy to talk to. He is always pushing the boundaries in a way most professional comedians only dream of.

That attitude carries over to technical challenges and Wozniak thought himself lucky to be broke and struggling, because it allowed him to do more with less. This austerity in design resulted in flawless code and graceful design of the first Apple computers. He believes that Apple will do best adapting its technology to human behavior rather than the other way around.

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