Pluribus 28


September 30, 2031, 9:00 PM.

After the show, their hostess Suzy Mankiller came up with two liter-sized plastic buckets. “Here are your complimentary tokens.”

It was full of buffalo nickels.

Don was astounded. “Do you know how much these are worth?”

Suzy shrugged “About a nickel? They are for the old fashioned slot machines in front. Old people like the feel of real coins.”

“They are real?”

“No silly, they are tokens, replicas. They have little chips inside them called RFIDs so we can keep track of them.”

“Is this a common practice in casinos?”

“I guess so. Tommy Raven came up with it a long time ago.”

“I need to find a VR conference center in this casino right now. Can you show me?”

Don broke in on the conversation Tap and Deputy Deer were having about the show. “I hate to break up your critique gentlemen, but I think I know what these coins are all about.”

Deputy Deer looked down at the bucket. “They are tokens.”

Don held one up to the light. “They have chips in them. They are protected by a metal casing. They do not attract attention. They circulate widely. Tommy Raven told Jeff Redman that the answers are between the Indian and the Buffalo.” He turned the coin on its side. “The answer to Pluribus is in here.”

Tap was not paying attention. He was looking up into the rafters at something. He shoved Don to one side as Deputy Deer fell over with bullet hole in his head. The lights went out and people started screaming.

It looked like Anita Gromex was still in town.

Copyright 2006 DJ Cline. All rights reserved.

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