Pluribus 25

September 30, 2031, Noon.

The phone rang again. Don answered it. “Hello?”

“Hello, this is Deputy Daniel Deer of the Raven Police Department. May I speak to Sherman Loman please?”

Don looked at Tap and then at Loman. “Mr Loman is indisposed, may I take a message?”

Deputy Deer was unfailingly polite. “Whom am I speaking with?”

“This is Don Jin of Wakima, I am here with Tapas Kalki of Applied Karma. We are here to meet with Mr. Loman.”

“We have reports of shots being fired. Is everything all right?”

Loman shouted in woman’s voice. “The bastards shot Sherm!”

Deer was concerned. “Is Mr. Loman all right? We will send an ambulance.”

Tapas picked up the extension. “This is Mr. Kalki. I shot Mr. Loman with a tranquilizer dart. Mr. Loman seems a little confused, but conscious. I am authorized by my company’s contract with the UN Free Trade Zone Task force to take Mr. Loman into custody.”

Deer was firm. “You are on sovereign tribal territory. We will not allow unauthorized extradition to the FTZ. There will be no extreme rendition.”

Don stepped in. “Gentlemen we will argue this out later. God fights on the side of the most expensive lawyer. Right now there is a sniper with a 22 pistol outside taking shots at us. We can stay here a while but there is only so much American beer and beef jerky I can eat. If you do not hurry we will not fit through the door. Can you assist?”

“Of course, our trackers are on it. We will have to make sure Mr. Loman is examined by a doctor. He has several medical conditions needing treatment. We will also need to take you into custody for our own investigation.”

Tap had to ask. “Will you torture us like Americans do?”

“Oh no Mr. Kalki. We have our own methods. We are going to take you to dinner and make you watch our casino floor show.”

Copyright 2006 DJ Cline. All rights reserved.