Pluribus 11


September 15, 2031, 10:45 PM.

Don and Tap carried Loco under each arm as Luisa looked for his pants on the movie set.
“My team is outside. As we poked around, we found one explosive device outside the building near the electrical transformer. At that point I knew what Antzen was up to and decided to go inside alone. I found three more sets of explosives inside the building. I disarmed them but was spotted by Loco here as he came out of the tepee. I turned off the power, broke the videoconference signal, and made Antzen think you were killed.”

Luisa found a pair of pants with yellow stripes down the sides. “What is Antzen up to? How did you know it was a trap, Tap?”

To Tap it seemed obvious. “He wanted to talk. Bad guys never want to talk about the bad things they have done. He was going to kill you. It would look like an accident or arson. Antzen is the sort of person who pushes you off a cliff and tells everyone how clumsy you are. He agreed to negotiate only to put you in a specific time and place to kill you. Maybe it would scare further investigators off or at least slow them down.”

They tried to lift Loco higher as Luisa tried to put the pants on him. She was still a little freaked. “So why are we taking this guy?”

“General Gordo Loco here is bait. He is a material witness and he is coming with us. I will post these pictures where Mel Antzen can see them. He will be surprised that one of his thugs is alive and worried that Loco might turn on him. Antzen will send someone to kill him. This in turn will give us more information.”

Don tilted his head to the actors passed out on the set. “What about these people?”

Tap was not concerned. “Oh do not worry, my people will come in and take care of them. We are seizing this business as an asset of Mel Antzen as compensation for human rights violations. We should have it up and running by morning.”

Luisa was shocked. “You are going to keep this place open?”

“Under new management. We will offer the actors partnerships in the company. The idea is to find Antzen’s assets and starve him out.” Tap looked at the movie set. “I am trying to remember what the Ute Indians used to say to their enemies before they went to war.”

Luisa finished buckling up Loco. “What was did they say?”

“We will take all your horses.”

Copyright 2006 DJ Cline. All rights reserved.

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  1. Including the one you RODE IN ON.
    Yee/Haw as needed.

    Definitely liking this – when will the film be out? Can I audition for Gordo Loco???????? PLEASE???? PLEASEE!!!?????

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