Pluribus 10


September 15, 2031, 10:30 PM.

Tapas pulled the tranquilizer dart out of the back of Loco’s neck and put it in his breast pocket.

At this point everyone noticed that Loco, bent over the conference table wasn’t wearing any pants.

Kalki backed away from Loco and looked down. “Well, they don’t all die with their boots on, do they? Of course, he’s just knocked out. Hmm, looks like he had a bit part anyway.”

Luisa was paralyzed in terror. Don was laughing. “Tap, what are you doing here? This is an IP case.”

“Really? Well that explains why you’re here. I hate to surprise you like this, but this is a human rights case too.” Tapas put the dart gun in his shoulder holster. The suit was so well tailored that it did not even bulge. “You must be Luisa Almondo. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Tapas Kalki, sort of a human rights bounty hunter. Friends call me Tap.”

She looked back and forth at Don and Tap. “You two know each other?”

Don was still laughing. “We met in Iran during the war. He was attached to my intelligence unit as a translator. At least that was what he said he was. He was the only guy who could find a sushi bar in the desert.”

Tap’s eyes brightened. “That reminds me, Yoshi’s in Santa Barbara is open late. If we hurry we can close the place.”

Luisa was frustrated. “What about getting the deposition?”

Don waved his hands at Loco and the blank screen. “I think it’s obvious Mr. Antzen isn’t going to cooperate or tell us anything useful here. We’ll need Tap here to hunt the bastard down and make him talk.”

Luisa frowned “Torture?”

Tap was mock shocked. “Heavens no! I’d lose my license. I can be very persuasive. Come on, dinner is on me.”

Don turned to Luisa. “See what I mean?”

“Fabulous! Before we leave, can you take some pictures of me with Loco here? Turn his face toward the camera.”

Copyright 2006 DJ Cline. All rights reserved.