Pluribus 3


September 12, 2031, 12:30 PM.

Susan Hong, Chief Legal Advisor to Wakima, choked on her noodles.

Susan had been at Wakima as long as Larry Tzu, but somehow seemed even older. She let her hair turn gray and kept it feathered like Farrah Fawcett. It hid the lines in her face. She was Harvard Law when that meant something and loved legal intrigue as much as Don hated it. They were finishing lunch in her office when he finally brought up Pluribus.

“Freid was murdered?”

“Yeah, over this asset. What is it? What is the story?”

“First, I can’t tell you anything unless you sign all this.” She brought a document up on the wall screen. Don pointed his phone and pressed a button. “Okay, I am only going to say this once, so do not fall asleep.” Susan walked over to the wall and went into her presentation mode.

“Wakima is known for innovation teams. We can put together a team of experts and build working technology faster than anyone. We are always looking for ways to speed up the process. Our teams are usually in the same building and if possible on the same floor. Nothing beats the water cooler conversation for informal communication.

This is the secret part. Lately, we have hit a wall. Freid was working on a team looking for solutions. He knew about an American company, a shell now actually, that seemed to have some sort of collaborative software. Things are still kind of unstable over there and he could not determine if we could get clear rights to the company.

I should say the pressure on the team has been intense. Freid was very old and was not doing well. He broke with procedure and started working at home. We had not heard from him last week.”

“I need to meet the team. Where are they?”


Don turned his phone recorder off. He had started it the moment he clicked on the agreement. There was no telling what might be important. He looked up at the screen and read the company name aloud.

“Netrosonics. Never heard of them.”

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