February 14, 2006 SDF Silicon Automobile

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The Silicon Automobile
By DJ Cline

On Tuesday February 14, 2006 at the Emerging Technology SIG hosted a panel to talk about the silicon automobile. Dave Bricetti hosted a panel consisting of John Nagle, Ajay Juneja, Mark Chambers and Raffi Krikorian, all experts at various automobile frontiers.

John Nagle talked about the October 2005 Darpa Grand Challenge Competition in the Mojave Desert. He showed pictures and video of prototypes crashing into fences, inching past orange traffic cones, and some actually completing trials. GPS, range finding and hardened computers are the keys to driverless vehicles.

Ajay Juneja, founder and CEO of Speak With Me dealt with speech recognition and decision trees. He demonstrated the differences between interacting with his system and various competitors. Later, he backed up his demonstration by showing his own car’s configuration.

Mark Chambers a Product Marketing Engineer, presented how Intel’s view of how infotainment would work in vehicles, focusing on safety, reliability and ease of use.

Raffi Krikorian, founding partner of Synthesis Studios, left a Boston blizzard to demonstrate an intriguing navigation application similar to GoogleMaps with three-dimensional images. The application can show you precisely the correct lane to take an exit.

The panel agreed the immediate advances would occur in entertainment, with displays, interfaces and audio. A car that will take you wherever you want without ever touching the controls will require more social than technological progress.

DJ Cline
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